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№ 7 (2020) Innovative Exploration of Township Government in constructing a New System of Rural governance (Based on the Survey Report of the Squatting Research in Hengli Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China) Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Цин Чжан
№ 7 (2020) Research on the Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Government’s Coping Strategies Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Вэйли Тянь
№ 7 (2020) Integrated Governance of Scenarized Space and Community — Reform of Beijing Qianggen Community Service Station and Enlightenment Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Сюэмэй Ван, Цзяньян Чжоу
№ 7 (2020) Reducing Rural-Urban Social Inequality: Chinese and Russian Comparative Experience Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
О. А. Антончева, Т. Е. Апанасенко
№ 7 (2020) The Social Credit System of the People’s Republic of China through the Eyes of Foreign Researchers Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Ю. П. Байер, В. А. Васильева, И. А. Ветренко
№ 7 (2020) Social Policy of the State as a Tool of Motivation of Social Development Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Т. Г. Гриненко
№ 7 (2020) Sociocultural Adaptation of Labor Migrants: Factors and Prospects Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
А. В. Клюев, К. О. Паламарчук
№ 7 (2020) The State and the Citizen: From Paternalism to Neopaternalism Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Л. Д. Козырева
№ 7 (2020) The Modern Literary Process as a Factor of the Socialization and Integration of Russia and China (On the Example of the III Forum of Young Writers of China and Russia) Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Е. И. Огарева, Р. Г. Круглов
№ 7 (2020) Russia, China: Poverty Alleviation (Comparative Analysis) Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
И. С. Орлова, Г. М. Цинченко
№ 7 (2020) Comparison of Old-age Pension Policy in China and Russia: the Common and the Specific Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
Тяньхун Чэнь
№ 7 (2020) Social Policy Transformation and Business Environment Improvement: a Comparative Analysis Based on China and Russia Аннотация   PDF (Eng)
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